I cheated…with Jason Bourne

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What’s up everyone?

Late last month I told you that I was breaking my habit of reading 10 books per month.

My plan was to read just one book…but read it deep. You can read about it here…if you’d like.

So, how’d I do?

Well. I cheated…a little.

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius is a book on Stoic Philosophy and was my focus for the month. But I did read two other books…there were books in the Jason Bourne series that I had not read yet…so I did.

This month (September) I am going to read The Wealth of Nations.

This book was written back in 1776 by Scottish professor Adam Smith. It is widely regarded as the foundation for all current economic thought.

Why am I reading this?

First it’s a very practical book that incorporates a lot of the subjects I like: history, politics, philosophy, and psychology.

Second, like Meditations…it is written in older language…so it slows me down.

Third, I haven’t read it in a couple years…so it’s time.

And forth. It is a REALLY long book.

Should you read it?


Even though it is a tough read. Anyone interested in business will get a lot out of this book.

That’s it for now…


P.S. Sorry. This one was short and boring. But. I wanted to keep you in the loop.

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