I’m proof this isn’t idiot proof…but it’s still good.

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What’s up everyone?

I have a system for everything. But…they’re not always idiot proof…

…more on that in a minute.

Part of what allows me to do a lot of stuff is because I have systems. Rather…I make systems.

In fact, it’s those systems that people bought when I sold two of my businesses.

They bought my system. Kinda like a franchise…but not the ongoing interference.

I think I got good at this in the Navy.

For those of you who know, know I was a rescue swimmer and helicopter aircrewman.

For those of you who didn’t know, I was a rescue swimmer and helicopter aircrewman.

We had checklists (a.k.a. systems) for everything. EVERYTHING.

Before getting into the helicopter…checklist. After getting in and before starting the engine…checklist. After starting the engines but before taking off…checklist. Before landing…

…you get the point…checklist.

So. When I got out of the Navy, my go-to move was, and is, a checklist…or…system.

Sure. It takes time to build a system for doing things. It’s much quicker to just do the thing.

But. In the long run. Building a system is more efficient and you’ve created an asset.

Which. As I mentioned. People will pay you money for a system…that makes them money.

Still. My systems, like most systems, are not completely idiot proof.

See. One of my systems for teaching my class is that I have office hours on Sunday nights between 6-7 pm. And that system triggers my taking out the trash system.

At 7 on Sunday, my phone alerts me that it is time to shut my office hours down and take the trash to the curb for pick-up the next morning. System.

But Monday was a holiday…so the trash dudes come the next day.

Problem is. My system didn’t include this little wrinkle. So I forgot to take the trash out Tuesday night. No system.

I could make an adjustment in my system. But I won’t. It’s just not that big of a deal. And there aren’t many Monday holidays.

My point:

1) Create a system.

2) Understand your system will not be idiot proof…even when it’s good.

3) Know when the system needs tweaked…and when you can just leave it alone. I talk about that here.

That’s it for now…




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